Our Curriculum


Our Intent Statement

At Cottam Nursery School, we intend to build the foundations for a happy and healthy life by “Celebrating Childhood”, as our motto suggests.

We respect and value individuality, and we believe in inclusivity for all. We work with our children’s first and enduring educators, their parents and carers, to help us understand each child’s existing interests, and we use this as a foundation on which to build strong attachments with key staff and foster a sense of security and confidence within the setting.

We challenge and stimulate young minds to achieve their unique potential by using a host of ever-changing learning opportunities and environments to allow each child to learn and grow in a fun and exciting way.

Our children leave nursery with the skills to become innovators, change makers and responsible citizens of the world, creating a brighter future for all.


Our curriculum is tailored to the needs and interests of every child that attends Cottam Nursery School. Linking to the seven areas of learning, as outlined in the EYFS, the curriculum provides personalised learning and care for every child, no matter their stage of development.

Our curriculum is full of current educational research that supplements all our staff’s knowledge and understanding of child development to ensure your child thrives with us.

You can view our curriculum documents on your child’s Tapestry journal.


Here are a few examples of the impact our curriculum has:

Children are happy and thriving. They develop strong attachments with their key person which lay the foundations for relationship building in later life. Children are ready for their next stage in education with the skills, knowledge and cultural capital they will require.

Parents, carers and visitors to the setting comment on the feel of the nursery, the children’s exemplary behaviour, progress and successful transitions.

Practitioners use children’s interests to engage them in play and know that they are making a difference.

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