Child Nursery Principles

What Cottam Nursery School Can and Will Do for Your Child


Cottam Nursery’s strategy is that it’s the personal approach that really matters and has the most impact on your child’s development.  To us, ‘one size’ for care and education does not fit all children.

Preparing your child for Primary School

Care and time is taken to get to know each child and care for them in our unique way.

“All the teachers are very warm and welcoming.  They really get to know your child’s likes and dislikes.  Will always help if you are having a problem and give useful tips on how to solve them.”

You should know…

Parents who as children were at the nursery now have children here.  Some travel across Preston and even further to access our personalised nursery services for their children.

Your child gains from our problem solving teaching methods

We regard this as a great accolade and tribute to our committed and very experienced staff who always go ‘that extra mile’ to look after your child.

“I cannot recommend Cottam Nursery highly enough. It provides, in my opinion, outstanding care and education for little ones.”


Our strategy includes the belief that every child is an individual who will develop at their own rate and in different ways.

We help children reach their full potential

The strong community spirit we create is priceless and speaks for itself on how we look after young children.

“Cottam Nursery is a very nurturing and stimulating environment for my child.  The children are allowed freedom with clear boundaries which are explained in a positive manner. We love it!”

Get in touch now

You can email us using the ‘Contact us’ form or get in touch by telephone.

Please do call in and see us, you will be welcome at any time during our open hours!

But we do please ask that you avoid the lunchtime period between 11:30am and 12:30pm