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Hello. We are at Cottam Nursery!

It's where we start our lovely journey of life,

with others in a safe and nurturing place.

Cottam Nursery School is a place . . .

Where young children and toddlers can learn

and start to gain valuable life skills.

At Cottam Nursery School . . .

We can play together and have fun,

and make friends in a fabulous rural environment.

Hello and Welcome

Cottam Nursery School offers very personalised childcare and education for children from 2-5 years.

This family-run unique children’s nursery is situated in the old village school.  It has been working closely with local families for over 30 years.

Established to celebrate childhood

Our fundamental principle is to ‘celebrate childhood’.  We want to support children’s learning and development in a way which enables them to have fun and truly enjoy this very precious period in their lives.

Cottam Nursery helps children to be the best that they can be and to be proud and confident in their achievements.

“All three of my children have enjoyed their time at Cottam and the staff are absolutely AMAZING!”

Cottam Nursery School is part of Preston and its surrounding region’s local history.

Read on to find out a bit more about us. . .

Celebrating Childhood!

The nursery is managed by a graduate Early Years Professional, and owned by an Early Years Consultant with a Masters in Education.

The practice, offered every day, is therefore based on proven research and a wealth of caring experience.

Experienced, trusted and available

The nursery offers term-time only education and childcare.  Parents, therefore, only pay for term time provision.  A great plus if parents only want term time provision.

Holiday Club – for out of term care

During holiday periods we run an optional Holiday Club which parents can opt into as and when they need childcare.

For this club, we also offer places to former attendees of the nursery up until the age of 8.  This allows families to have Holiday Club provision in one location.

What Cottam Nursery School can do, and will do for your child

Get in touch now

You can email us using the ‘Contact us’ form or get in touch by telephone.

Please do call in and see us, you will be welcome at any time during our open hours!

But we do please ask that you avoid the lunchtime period between 11:30am and 1:00pm