About Us

Cottam Nursery School offers very high quality care and education for young children.

Where & What We Are

Situated in Cottam’s beautiful Victorian school buildings, the nursery remains at the heart of the old village community and maintains its charming character and strong attraction to all who attend.  We have successfully looked after generations of local children in our unique way and will continue that tradition well in to the future.

Cottam Nursery School is a truly independent nursery and not part of a chain.  It is always on hand to look after and really enjoy special times with your child as they grow, learn and develop into unique individuals.

Needless to say full facilities are catered for, and our highly skilled staff are always on hand to look after your priceless little bundles of joy!

Established & Experienced

Before being converted to a nursery in the 1980’s, the nursery was the local village primary school in Cottam.  Four beautiful playrooms provide access to all other areas of continuous learning.  Surrounded by fields and wildlife, animals like sheep and horses are in close proximity so enriching the outdoor environment for your child.

Cottam Nursery School provides access to a wide range of activities, all tailored to ensure that they meet the developmental needs of every individual child.

You will find that we frequently organise engaging outside activities within the safe confines of the nursery.  The playground area has been specifically constructed to provide a wide range of challenging activities and play throughout the year.

Community Trusted

Ever since its inception 29 years ago, Cottam Nursery School prides itself with a strong sense of family and community, organising and participating in local events all year round.

From its start, the nursery has fully integrated with the surrounding community and has established links with many local services, schools and suppliers.

In addition to the close relationships we maintain with parents, our ‘open-door’ policy and excellent family links, including ‘learning journeys’, are often complemented with educational interaction from special guests who add value to the wide range of fun activities.

Get in touch now

You can email us using the ‘Contact us’ form or get in touch by telephone.

Please do call in and see us, you will be welcome at any time during our open hours!